The Carnegie Process

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Carnegie is your single source for real estate development and management services.

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CARNEGIE EMPHASIZES a team approach to facing real estate challenges. We understand that the development process is a continuum comprised of pre-construction, construction and post construction phases. Each has its own distinct tasks and challenges which must be fully understood to successfully complete a project. Carnegie provides this specialized knowledge and experience along with a carefully crafted strategic plan for the benefit of its tenants and clients alike.

THE PRE-CONSTRUCTION PHASE demands exhaustive research and logistical expertise in order to be managed effectively. Feasibility studies, planning and design are key components of this process as are marketing, leasing, property acquisition, governmental relations and the coordination of all these elements to create a successful foundation for the next phase.

THE CONSTRUCTION PHASE requires continuous monitoring of all aspects of the construction process. This oversight requires detailed knowledge of the intricacies of construction methods and materials with the objective of meeting the deadlines for the project and remaining within the budget established by the project pro forma. This synthesis of manpower and machines requires a cooperative effort to mold materials and convert the land into functional physical improvements. This complex managerial challenge demands sophisticated use of modern construction technologies and methods, rigorous value engineering, quality control and safety standards, as well as an astute understanding of the climate and geography of the construction site and the nature of the work environment.

THE POST-CONSTRUCTION PHASE sees the focus shift to tasks of property and asset management. Our property managers are charged with creating management and leasing plans that will make the real estate not only a viable and vibrant investment, but one that promotes asset appreciation. Careful monitoring to maintain reasonable common area charges and capital improvement budgets is only one example of the key financial controls that guide the daily decisions of Carnegie’s property managers. Asset management is conservatively employed in order to optimize return on investment through prudent planning and the implementation of solid financial controls.

Carnegie is your single source for real estate development and management services. We understand that working together in confronting the challenges of today allows us to create the opportunity and prosperity of tomorrow.


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